Ultrasonic Mini Portable Washing Machine

Applicable to: T-shirts, shirts, light skirts, close-fitting clothing, socks and other small lightweight clothing, do not use jeans, jackets and other heavy clothing. The mini-washer is suitable for personal laundry, suitable for less than 1 kg (water), and the amount of clothing should be washed in batches.


  • -- 360 degree vibration design, all-round cleaning
  • -- Super portable mini washing machine, can be put into suitcase or backpack
  • -- Perfect for cleaning clothes, fruit, jewelry, glasses
  • -- Effective decontamination: High-frequency vibration can dissolve clothes stain and reduce friction without damage to the clothes
  • -- Use high frequency cavitation effect to form small bubbles and stains, quickly disperse and emulsify, achieve deep cleaning effect


  • 1. Put the water in the basin that can submerge the washing equipment.
  • 2. Add detergent, stir until dissolved water.
  • 3. Put the washing equipment in the side wall of the bucket and plug in.
  • 4. After the washing equipment stops working, rinse the washed clothes with clean water.

Specification: Charging interface: USB; Voltage: DC 5V; Rated power: 6.5W


Mini Washine Machine

Portable washing machine

Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Mini Portable Washing Machine

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Ultrasonic Mini Portable Washing Machine