Nano Liquid full Glue Tempered Glass for Samsung Note 9/Note 8/Galaxy S8/S8+/Galaxy S9/S9+

UV Nano Glass

Nano Glass

UV Glass

UV Nano Tempered Glass

Nano Tempered Glass

UV Tempered Glass

UV Nano Screen Protector


-Fit Most Of Cellphone Case

-100% bubble-free for Easy Installation

-99% highest transparency Super thin design guarantees HD viewing experience.

-9H HARD 0.3mm ultra thin tempered glass provides high protection for your screen

-Bubble-Free adhesives for easy installation.

Place it on the phone screen and it automatically sucks itself on the phone. No peeling off.


NOTE:When you finished all step until install successfully ,pls use UV light bake for 2 minutes.

How to Install it:

1.Clean your cellphone screen with alcohol wipes;

2.Put your cellphone on the install frame which is included with purchase;

3.Pour down liquid glue on cellphone screen;

4.Turn off the back film of tempered glass,and put one side of glass to install frame to contact with liquid glue( If there is bubbles,lift the tempered glass and put it down again until the bubbles is missing ).And then put other side down to wait for the glue covering whole screen.

5.Turn off the install frame;

6. Use UV light to irradiate the cellphone screen for about 25-30 seconds until the glue is solidified.