Mobile Handle Grip with Triggers Assist Gamepad

Mobile GamePad

Mobile Gamepad with L1R1

mobile L1R1

Mobile Game Handle Grip

Mobile Handle Grip With Trigger

1. Wide Compatible: Adjustable Design fits 4 - 6.3" Android and IOS flat screen smartphones, Compatible with all kinds of Touch Screen Shooting Games.

2. Play as a Pro: Playing mobile games with 4 fingers instead of use thumbs only, the L1R1 triggers will enhance the gaming experience, help you to gain an upper hand on the other opponents.

3. Highly Sensitive: It features the high accuracy with conductive suckers on Gaming Fire Triggers that allow you quick and smooth shots, while preventing misfires.

4. Ergonomic Design: The grip with frosted surface reduce hand fatigue and avoid sweat on screen, Solid suckers handle will not block other button, give you an entire vision.

5. Easy Operation: Snap and Play anytime anywhere, no drivers, battery or pairing required. Made of conductive sucker and adjustable clip on the back, less occupy your screen and more comfortable


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