iPhone X 5D Front+Back Colour Tempered Glass(Black)

Iphone X back Black tempered glass

Iphone X Black Front Tempered Glass


◎ Better Operating Experience, Higher Touch Sensitivity, More excellent HD Clarity Display and Stronger protection!

◎ Ballistic Glass Screen Protector Offer ultimate protection for your precious phone without compromising user experience.

◎ Touch Screen Clarity and Sensitivity With 99.9% transparency, our glass film promises an optimal and natural viewing experience. Only 0.33mm thickness helps maintain the original sensitivity and ensures quick phone access.

◎ Scratch-resistant 9H Hardness effectively prevents unwanted scuffs and scratches by keys or other sharp objects.

◎ Fingerprint-less and Bubbles-free Coated with oleophobic layer, perfectly against fingerprints or residues and keep your phone screen pristine. Bubbles-free.