GlocalMe Elitek S1 (First ever phone with free unlimited data usage worldwide)

Phone Specs:

13MP Rear Camera

8 Core Processor

4GB Ram

2950mAh Battery

CloudSim Compatible

FingerPrint Login

Dual Sim

5.5" Screen


About GlocalMe:

GlocalMe enables international travelers to access mobile internet globally with a GlocalMe enpowered mobile device at local-comparable or more attractive rates. International travelers for mobile internet access overseas will never be hindered by shopping for local SIM cards or coiling from high expenses of roaming data in more than 100 countries in the world.

SIM Free connection for simply travel

With the adoption of CloudSIM technology, it will automatically connect to the best local network instantly. You can enjoy a fast and stable internet connection once it launches. It breaks the norm of single network limitation. Travellers can now travel around the globe with a single gadgets that will broaden the horizons.


GlocalMe Elitek S1 Free Data Worldwide

Elitek S1

GlocalMe Elitek S1

Elitek S1

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