3.5mm IR Smart Remote Control Switch Controller Dust Plug For IPhone

1),IR intelligent remote control system is designed for IOS devices developed universal infrared remote control; 

2), APP can simulate all correspondence with the traditional infrared remote control, making it a mobile phone or device IOS system 

3),links all of life becomes a user substitute conventional remote control; 

4), Built-in dual-core infrared emission module to control far more than similar products ; 

5),Equipped with a new super capacitors, no external battery, unique product design and advanced processing technology, all the circuits are integrated in the IC unit in audio pin, it has the appearance of super-mini size; 

6), Unique integrated rotary switch design, you can rotate closed when not in use, without the cumbersome plug housing. 

7),Transmission mode: Infrared Theoretical Coverage: Point linear distance 5-10M 

8),Operating temperature range: -10 degrees to +60 degrees


Smart Control

Universal Smart Control

Smart remote control

3.5mm plug remote device

Universal 3.5mm plug device remote for iPhone